Monday, October 19, 2009

Michigan 63, Delaware State 6

Not much to be said here. For this game I predicted a 52-10 score which was not all that much off, but not as close as last week. Overall I thought we did a good job obliterating a terrible team even in 1-AA and not letting them in the game for even one second. This wasn't like Appalachain in 2007. Appalachain State is a good 1-AA team that wins championships. Delaware State is just god-awful and it showed on Saturday. Here are a few of my thoughts.
1. I really liked Denard in this game. Granted, he played Delaware State, but he looked good passing the football and we call know he can run.
2. Michigan ground game got back on track today, but again, not much to judge from Delaware State.
3. Defense did well, but SPECIAL TEAMS KICK COVERAGE!! We can't give other teams great kickoff returns because good teams will turn those into touchdowns.

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