Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Notes

-I've got some help with the blogging now. Matt will be checking in from time to time with some posts. While we differ on our NFL allegiances (Go Pack!) he's a knowledgeable Wolverines fan.
-Tate Forcier sent an email out saying that he was sorry and that he "took full responisbility" for the loss Saturday at Michigan State. While he did put the "Force" in Forcier with that throw in OT, without him the game would have not even come close to overtime. How many freshman, let alone college QBs in general can lead their team on a 92-yard drive with under three minutes to go and no timeouts to tie the game. Not to mention how clearly gassed he was. Tate played awesome on Saturday and is a true class act.
-I'll put a UM-Iowa preview up Thursday. If you want a good audio podcast preview head over to MGoTalk. They do a great job over there and also have weekly wrap-ups on Mondays. The previews are posted on the website and iTunes every Friday.

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